Enjoy your summer! Hope to see your videos at the No Borders Art Festival!


Ingredients that you will need to cook along with Chef Max!

Bannock (2 portions)

AP Flour 768g
Baking Powder 3 tblsp
Salt 1 and a half teaspoon
Shortening 43 grams
Water 700ml

Vegetable Stock (1 portion)

Carrots 125g
Celery 125g
Yellow cooking onion 250g
Garlic 1/2 bulb
Thyme 2 stems
Peppercorns 1/2 tsp
Parsley 4 pieces
Bay Leaf 1 leaf
Water 1500ml

Three Sister Soup (1 Portion)

Carrots 10g
White Beans 50g
Yellow Cooking onion 25g
Butternut Squash 25g
Sweet corn kernels 40g
Vegetable Stock OR Water 200ml
Thyme (minced) 1/4th bunch
Salt and Pepper To Taste

Join us on February 17th for a great conversation with the youth! Grandmother Louise Garrow will be opening the event with traditional teaching and wisdom.

Max Paradis
Tawahum Bige
Billie the Kid
Shana Southwind
The Thunderbird Sisters Collective took Beading with Patsea! on the road to do some outreach and have some fun in the Farrellton (PAF) and surrounding community. Once again the tipi travelled with them.
The Thunderbird Sisters Collective and Beading with Patsea! were honoured to be invited to participate in the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. The Thunderbird Sisters Collective tipi was a welcoming sight!
The Thunderbird Sisters Collective were happy to participate in the No Borders Art Festival for the third year in a row.
The Thunderbird Sisters Collective were there to support the Women’s Art Festival.

Future Indigenous Writers Program

June 20, 2021 – Part 1 August 31, 2:00 pm – Part 2

All events made possible by a generous grant and support from the Youth Opportunities Fund.
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